The ultimate personalized comfort lounger. Every part conforms, flexes, and adjusts to your body's own shape.

World's most versatile leg and knee support. Infinite comfort adjustments.

Isometric and resistive bone and muscle fitness exerciser. Scientifically proven to build strength in just 10 minutes a day.

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What is Posture Fitness?


Posture is present every moment of our lives, 24 hours a day, ‘round the clock – it is as important to us when we are sleeping as when we are awake and active. Posture Fitness looks at the way we sit, stand, move, work, relax, sleep, exercise and generally interact with our day to day environment. Posture Fitness provides easy, better and more healthy, lasting ways of ...looking fit -- and being fit.


Posture Fitness’s goal is to help us achieve:


• easy, naturally aligned and elongated posture – sitting and moving

• muscular & bone strength


The benefits of Posture Fitness are:


ease of movement and balance; reduced neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, and spinal problems; better digestion; improved and fuller breathing; increased and aligned stature and bearing – overall improved physical condition and appearance. Posture Fitness draws on the science of ergonomics, the know-how of physical therapy & rehabilitation, orthopedic and sports medicine. It utilizes elements from other diverse disciplines -- ancient to modern – from yoga to kinesiology. Cequal Products is at the forefront of Posture Fitness. For over a decade Cequal Products has been closely affiliated with The Swezey Medical Institute. Cequal and the Institute work together to create new and meaningful products that embody the concepts and benefits of Posture Fitness. The Institute is the source of experience, credibility, inspiration, invention, and clinical research from which Cequal designs, develops, manufactures and brings to market this applied knowledge and the products.